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Potsdam, the capitol of the German federal state of Brandenburg, is a city with a rich historical heritage. The affluent and vivid city is often compared to Windsor in the United Kingdom. Potsdam was the residence of Prussian Emperors and the German Kaiser until 1918. That heritage gives Potsdam an outstanding collection of castles and parks. Park and castle Sanssouci is a well-known international attraction, and is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Potsdam hosted the major post World War Two conference, known as the Potsdam Conference, with Allied leaders Stalin, Truman and Churchill meeting at Castle Cecilienhof. Today, Potsdam is a modern university city, attracting artists, researchers and industry. Its vicinity and excellent connection to the German capitol, Berlin, has further increased its popularity among the elite of German society.

  • Brandenburger Tor, Potsdam
  • SansSouci Castle
  • Museum of Films (Filmmuseum)
  • Einstein Tower (Einsteinturm)
  • Hans-Otto-Theater, Potsdam
  • Dutch quarter (Hollaendisches Viertel)
  • Glienicke Bridge (Glienicker Brücke)